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  Distribution and Fulfillment

There are so many facets to the "dirty side" of the book business that many authors simply shy away from it altogether. Shipping internationally, managing inventory, accounting, handing returns and many other elements are complicated, time consuming events. They certainly take away from the creative aspect of book writing!

We've developed streamlined ways of handling all of your distribution and fulfillment concerns. Not only does this help to alleviate the headaches of managing this aspect of your business, it also helps to keep you focused on what you do best.

We help you relieve these burdens by providing:

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Inventory Management
Stock levels and warehousing, inventory control, spoiled goods tracking and many other features can be easily controlled to help maximize your profit, or they can grow out of control, turning the joy of your first (or second, third, tenth, etc.) book into a nightmare.

Do you know that there are over 100 ways to package books? Different markets require different packaging methods. By knowing these upfront, you can actually save yourself a lot of money. Let us show you how.

Taking in orders, processing them and getting your books into the hands of your readers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers is the key to your success. Today, people expect quick turn-around and aren't often willing to wait weeks or months to get products they want. We can turn that around into days or even less

Moving your books from inventory and into the hands of your customers is a very detailed, complicated business in and of itself. It's quite possible to spend much more on shipping that you make! There's no need to take that risk. We are experts in book shipments and can make sure that your bottom-line isn't bled to death just getting books to your readers.

This is a dirty little secret of the book business. Many authors experience 30% returns or even much more! However, there are ways to minimize this and bring it down to a very manageable level. Further, returns can even be an asset to your business! We know how to make it so.

Write a book and get rich? Not in today's market! Many authors never make any substantial money with their books. However that doesn't have to be the case. If tracked properly, your book can become a real profit maker for you. Having the proper accounting systems in place - and the knowledge to use them - will help to insure this.

Used Book Remarketing
What about used books? Is there a market for these? You bet there is! According to a recent study, this is the fastest growing segment of the book business. We can show you how to take advantage of it and turn a liability into a financial asset.

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