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There's a saying in the book business: "Ok, you've written your book - congratulations! You're 5% of the way there!" It's definitely one thing to write your book, it's entirely another to publish it! In fact, there are between 72 to over 100 separate steps in producing your book into a real item you can hold in your hand - and your readers can enjoy.

Many people dream of writing their books, but have no idea how to get it published. They imagine sending their book to a large publisher and getting a "acceptance letter" and a large check up front. Regrettably, this isn't how the book business works. 99% of all new authors never get their books picked up by a publisher! Of the 1% left, these most often spend years in the hands of the publisher and probably won't even make it to a real, printed book. By this time the information is stale or worse, simply unpublished with you no longer owning the rights to your own product!

We can guarantee that your book will become a real, published product! Further, your book can go as far and as fast as you want it to go! We're here to help.

Here are some of the publishing services we offer:

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Market Review
We can help you look at your written product critically to determine what markets are most appropriate for this work. By defining this up-front, we save huge amounts of money and focus on the places where your book can really sell. This also allows special customization in the product to vastly improve sales.

Copyright and Legal
The book business is a complex web of legal requirements and protections, different identification systems, copyright concerns, naming issues, etc. We can help you with any of these issues and probably many you don't even know about.

Professional Editing
A professional editor's job is to make you look like the best, most knowledgeable writer you can be. This is an inexpensive, but very worthwhile opportunity to help make your book the best possible to fit it's market. You should never wonder if you need an editor. You should wonder how you could get along without one!

Recent technology advances have completely changed the world of book publishing forever! Technology not only offers a very large cost savings on just about every aspect of your book project, but can greatly speed up the time the printed copies come rolling off the flat and into your distribution center. We can help you with any aspect of technology!

Book Structure and Layout
Today, there are literally hundreds of book "structures". Do you know them all? We do! You have real options in how your book will look, and how your market will view it. Likewise, the layout of your book can make or break it's value to your readers. This is another area where focused effort can really help you produce a world-class product.

Graphic Design and Illustration
Most books today have all sorts of illustrations, photos and graphics. Readers learn better with visuals and this will help to make your book a real market leader. From children's books to technical books, illustrations and graphics are a powerful addition.

Selecting design elements like typefaces, type sizes, borders, and much more help to make your book easier to read. We understand both how your book will be used and what will meet your market.

The quality of the printing job is one of the three most important elements of producing your book! You might not know this, but different printers specialize in different types of jobs. We work with a very large number of printers to get the best pricing and the best quality for your book.

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